10+1 Best Free HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates.

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Hello Welcome to this Blog. If You Already Visited this Blog Welcome Once Again. In My Previous Post i Wrote "Free Google Chrome Extensions". Today On this New Post i Will Tell You the Best HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates That too For Free. You can Just Download and Use it as Template on Your Websites. Download Link and Some Key features of These Templates are Given Below on Each Template. If You Own a Blogger Blog Then Don't Forget to Check My Best Blogger Templates Post. So I Don't Want to Waste Your Time as well as My time.lol. Okay i Will Tell you the Best Free HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates Now.

Best Free HTML5 Website Templates

Here is a List of HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates

These List Provides You the 11 Best Website HTML5 Templates Which are Free of Cost. You can Download These Templates Without Any Hesitation.

1.  Education Responsive Flat Web Template:

2. Special School Free Website Template:

3. Sprint Free HTML 5 Website Template:

4. Mamba Free Responsive HTML5 Website Template:

5.  Doctor HTML5 Website Template:

6. Bizname HTML 5 Free Website Template:

7.  Free Fantasy HTML5 Template For Website:

8. The Aqual Free Website Template:

9. Illusion Free Website Template :

10. Craze HTML5 Website Template :

11. Pinball Responsive Grid Style Website Template:

Final Words:
  1. All the Above Templates are 100% Responsive.
  2. These Templates Have a Very Good Page Loading Speed.
  3. You can use these templates on Any Number of Websites You Want.
  4. Features Like Social Subscribe, Newsletter Subscription, Social Icons and More are Available On these Templates For Free.
  5. I Will Post More on HTML5 Website Templates in Future So Keep VistingWith this Blog Daily and Get Updated.
  6. If Any Given Links Are Not Available or If You have Any Queries Then Please Feel Free to Contact Us Anytime.
  7. Please Give us a Like or Tweet or Share on Social Sites to Keep This Blog and Post Alive.
  8. If You have Any Other Best Free Website Templates Please Write it on Comment We Will Consider Your Template on Our Next Post.
Hope You Got Some Best Website Templates. Thank You.

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10+ Free Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

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Today i Picked 10 Google Chrome's Most Useful Tools For Web Designers. Why i Made the Article on Extensions Particularly for Chrome is Because of its Number of Users All over the World, Since it has Very Good Speed in Performance and its Simplicity, it has got Numbers High. This Makes Me to Make this Article "Chrome Extensions for Web Designers" Which Will be Useful for Web Designers All Over The World. i will Also Going to Make an Article on "Google Chrome Extensions" for Various Purposes Soon When i Get Some Free Time. So Now i will tell you the List of Best Handpicked Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers Without Any Delay.

Free Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

Here Comes The List of Google Chrome Extensions For Developers and Designers.

Color Picker Extension for Chrome:

Color Picker is an Extension for Google Chrome in Which You can Pick Any Colors and Get the Values for it.

Get Color Picker Extension Now.

Font Editor:

Font Editor Allows You to Test Different Fonts, Sizes of the font and More Additional Features on Any Websites.

Web Developer Extension for Chrome:

It is the Most Important Extension Every Web Developer and Designer Should Have. It Provides Every Piece of Info You Need From an Already Existing Website. It Also Includes Many Additional Features Like Color Picker, Window Resizer and Few More.

Firebug Lite Extension for Chrome:

You can Edit HTML Elements With Mouse And CSS With This Extension Lively. It Gives You Firefox Like Visual Representation.

Get Firebug Lite Extension Now.

CSS Viewer Extension For Chrome:

It Displays CSS Parameters of Any Webpage. You can Enable and Disable it by Simply Clicking on a Toolbar icon.

StyleSheet Reloader Extension For Chrome:

It is Very Useful for Web Designers With Slow Internet Connections. It Reloads CSS Style Sheet Without Even Reloading the Entire Website.

HTML Validator Extension For Chrome:

It is one of the Best HTML Validator Extension For Google Chrome. This Extension Will Show the Validation Output With Errors If Any.

PHP Console Extension For Chrome:

This Extension Shows The PHP Errors , Exceptions And Debug Msg in Notification Form on The Left Side.

MagicCSS Extension For Chrome:

MagicCSS is a Live CSS Editor For Google Chrome. It Does not Reloads Pages to Test Your CSS Codes.

CSS3 Generators Extension For Chrome:

With this Tool You can Make Your Own CSS3 With Text Effects, Text Shadows, Borders, Outline etc.

Font PlayGround Extension For Chrome:

You can Use 1000's of Free Google Fonts and Preview Them With Font Play Ground Extension.

Final Words:
  • We Will Update These Extensions List Regularly So Keep Visiting This Blog Daily.

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16+ Attractive Best Free Fonts to Download

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Hello Everyone Hope You are Good. Okay Lets Directly Goto the Article. Today i will tell you the Best List of Fonts that Helps You to Design Stylish Fonts on Photoshop, Word, Wordpad etc. With these Fonts You can Design the Your Company Logo, You Can Give a Stylish Heading to Photos, Articles. Normally Fonts are Used for Designing Purposes in Photoshop, MS Word, Powerpoint. So if You are a Designer These Fonts Will Really Help You a Lot. Well i Don't Want to Bore You by Brief Explanation About Fonts, I Will Directly Tell You the Best Free Fonts for Download. Since iam Writing this Article on Second Half of 2014 (August) it Will Also Be the Best Free Fonts in 2015 Too. Dont Worry About New Fonts, I Will Update New Best Fonts Regularly.

List of Free Fonts to Download:

1. First Free Font is Origram:

Free Fonts to Download

2. Second on Our List of Free Fonts is "Iam Online With You":

Free Fonts to Download

3. 3rd Free Font is Network Vampire:

Free Fonts to Download

4. Digital Font is on Fourth in Our List:

Free Fonts to Download

Download Digital Font Now For Free

5. Screamer is on 5th in our List of Free Fonts:

Free Fonts to Download

Download Screamer Now for Free

6. 2015 Cruiser Font is On 6th in Our Free Fonts List:

Free Fonts to Download

Download Cruiser 2015 Free Fonts Now

7. PWRounded Scratch is on Seventh:

Free Fonts to Download

Download PWRounded Scratch Font Now

8. KG I Need a Font is on 8th:

Free Fonts to Download

Download KG I Need a Font Now

9. Remachine Script Free Font Download:

Free Fonts to Download

Download This Font Now For Free

10. Blessed Day Font is on 10th in Our Free Fonts List:

Free Fonts to Download

Download This Font Now

11. Southern Aire Free Font is on 11th:

Free Fonts to Download

Download Southern Aire Now

12. Cookie Monster Font is on 12th in Our List:

Free Fonts to Download

Download Cookie Monster Font Now

13. KG Broken Vessels Font is on 13th:

Free Fonts to Download

Download KG Broken Vessels Now

14. Friday Night Lights Free Font is on 14th:

Free Fonts to Download

Download this Font for Free Now

15. Confetti Stream Font is on 15th:

Free Fonts to Download

Download Confetti Stream Now

16. VintageOne Free Font is on 16th:

Free Fonts to Download

Download This Font Now for Free

17. Scribble Box Font Free Download:

Free Fonts to Download

Download Scribble Box Free Font Now

How to Install the Fonts on Photoshop, Word or in Anyother Softwares?

Its Simple Just Follow My Easy Steps:

Step 1: Open the .ttf File After Download

Step 2: You Will Now See Install on the .ttf File Click There and Install

That's All About Installation.

Final Words:

  • I Will Update Some More Fonts in Regular Intervals so Don't Forget to Visit Us in Regular Intervals.
  • All the Above Fonts are Free of Cost and You can Download Those in a Single Click With the Link Provided Below Every Font.

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Best Handpicked 15+ High PR Guest Posting Blogs List

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Hello Everyone Welcome to My Site. In My Previous Post We Discussed Little Known Best Professional Looking Blogger Templates. Hope You Got a Idea of Choosing the Best Template For Your Blog. Today im Going to List You the Best High PR Blogs That Accepts Guest Post Easily and Quickly. All these Guest Posting Sites are Picked By Me Manually.

Best High PR Guest Posting Websites

What are the Benefits of Guest Posting?

  • You can Easily Get Quality Backlinks.
  • You can Drive Massive Amount of Traffic via Guest Posting to your Blog.
  • You can Easily Increase Your Chances of Improving Google PR With Quality Backlinks.

Latest 7 Best Free Blogger Templates

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Hello all visitors well yesterday i wrote about the List of high PR Gov and edu sites with PR to get Backlinks from edu and gov sites. Today im going to tell you the best Blogger Templates that was free of cost. All the below blogger Templates are Professional Looking also they are Free of cost. The Main Features of each templates are Given below Every Template so you can easily identify and choose the best template for your blog. So here is My List of Free Blogger Templates Which Makes Your Blog Better in Look. I Have Listed the 7 Blogger Templates in Order as Below.

1.  Personal Mag:

First one on our List is Personal Mag Blogger Template.

Free Blogger Template 2015

Key Features:
  • Beautiful Drop Down Menu.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Social Share Buttons Above every Post.
  • Threaded Comments System.
  • Ads Ready, 4 Columns Footer.

2.  Belastic:

Belastic Blogger Template is the second Template in our List of Templates.

Free Blogger Template 2015

Key Features:
  • 100 % Responsive Design.
  • Simple Subscribe to Newsletter Widget.
  • Related Posts below every post.
  • Social Share Buttons on Below and in Left side of Every Post.

3. Dynamic Mag Blogger Template:

Third Template on Our List is Dynamic Mag. i personally recommend this Template for your blog.

Free Blogger Template 2015

Key Features:
  • Stylish Drop Down Menu.
  • Pure 100 % Responsive.
  • Breaking News Ticker.
  • Simple Related Posts on every post.
  • Current Day and Date on Header.

4.  WeblogMag Blogger Template:

Fourth on our List of Blogger Templates is WeBlogMag.

Free Blogger Template 2015

Key Features:
  • News Ticker.
  • Fully Responsive Template.
  • Professional and Premium Looking Template.
  • Stylish Share Buttons below post.
  • Simple Subscribe Widget.

5. Responsive Blogger Template:

5th in Our List is Responsive Templates.

Free Blogger Template 2015

Key Features:
  • Elegant Layout.
  • 100 Percent Responsive.
  • Neat Design.

6.  Life Hack Free Blogger Template:

Life Hack Free Blogger Template is 6th on Our List of 10 Best Blogger Templates.

Free Blogger Template 2015

Key Features:
  • Awesome Menus.
  • 2 Column.
  • Responsive Designs.
  • Related Posts on every post.
  • Clean Design.

7.  EvidBT Responsive Blogger Template:

This Template was 7th on our List of Free and Best Blogger Templates

Free Blogger Template 2015

Key Features:
  • Drop Drop Menu with a Single Click.
  • CSS Search Box.
  • Stylish and Neat Popular Post Widget.
  • Related Articles Widget on Every Post.
  • Social Share Above all Posts.

Final Words:

  1. All these Templates are Free of Cost.
  2. You can Use these Templates on Multiple Blogs (1 Template in More than One Blog)  without any Cost.
  3. Im Going to Post More Templates on Blogger and Wordpress in Future so Keep in touch with this blog.
  4. Please Do a Share and Comment on this Post to Keep this Post Alive on Internet. Thanks.

This Post on "Latest Best Free Blogger Templates 2015" Was Written by Sankar.

Latest Free High PR Dofollow edu and gov sites List

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Hello everyone welcome to Our site. Today im going to tell you the best education and government sites List With High PR that gives you High Quality backlinks For Free. All you have to do is Just create a profile on those sites and enter your Website on About You section or On Websites (If You have provided with an option). Don't try to Spam those sites Just use those sites for a time because Adding your website once on those sites is enough to Get Backlinks. Just Add you site on About or Anywhere else and Keep Calm.

Best edu and gov sites List for Free

1. List of Free High PR Edu and Gov Sites List:

  • Doi (dot) gov -  Google PR : 8.
  • Stanford (dot) edu - Google PR : 9
  • Fws (dot) gov -  Google PR : 8.
  • Arizona (dot) edu -  Google PR : 7.
  • iom (dot) edu -  Google PR : 8.
  • brown (dot) edu -  Google PR : 8.
  • Cmu (dot) edu -  Google PR : 8.
  • si (dot) edu -  Google PR : 8.
  • Nist (dot) gov -  Google PR : 8.
  • Nas (dot) edu -  Google PR : 8.
  • Msu (dot) edu -  Google PR : 8.
  • Colorado (dot) edu -  Google PR : 8.
  • bu (dot) edu -  Google PR : 7.
  • asu (dot) edu -  Google PR : 7.
  • Columbia (dot) edu -  Google PR : 8.

Final Words:

  1. All the Above Sites are of PR 7, 8, 9.
  2. Education Sites are from various universities such as Stanford, Arizona etc and Government Sites are from US Department of Interior, US Fish and Wildlife Service Etc.
  3. As i Already told you don't spam those sites.
  4. Wait for few days to get backlinks some times it may take upto couple of weeks so keep calm and get backlinks.
  5. These edu and gov Websites List will be the best for 2015 Too.
This post on " High PR Dofollow edu and Gov sites List 2015" Was Wrote by Sankar on 27th August 2014.

9 Best Free Tips on how to Increase Traffic of Your Blog

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There are Many best Minded Bloggers all over the world. They can write Quality articles, They can design Pictures of their own, They can even thing someting new on their interest but they can't shine in blogging because they don't have any idea on how to reach the people blogging. the only thing they know is to write quality contents. So for those im going to tell the best way to make more impressions on your blog for free.

Best Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Just follow these 10 Tips for Massive Traffic within few Months:

1. Content is King:

Always believe on content. If you post good quality articles that's the first step you made for Successful Blogging.

2. Quantity of Words on Articles:

Atleast You should write 700 Words on Your Articles. Because Low in Words on Articles May Lose the Audience Since they Need to Know More About it.

3. Submit Your Blog to Search Engines:

You Should Submit your Blog to search Engines Like Google, yahoo, Bing etc.

4. Use Social Media to promote:

You can use social media to promote your blog. Other than Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google+, There are also other Social Networking Sites Like Stumbleupon, Digg, etc. Which brings you Massive Amount of Traffic to your blog.

5. Use Proper Keywords in Post title:

For Example If you are writing a post on "How to increase Traffic to your blog" Instead of it you can write "Best Free Tips to Increase Traffic of Blog 2015" Remember to Add a year on the end or add a words Like "Free", "Best", "Top" etc at the Beginning of the post.

6. Give Search Description on Posts:

Give a Attractive Search Description in order to attract traffic.

7. Build Proper Backlinks:

You can Build Proper backlinks to your site by commenting on Other Blogs, Writing Guest Posts.

8. Select Good Theme or Template:

Select a userfriendly template for your blog which Looks professional and attractive.

9. Select Top-Level Domains:

Before Selecting a Domain Select a Top-Level Domains Like .com, .net, .org.